zdjęcie panoramiczne rtg zębów

X-Ray Examination

X-Ray Technology is the most progressive diagnosis in solving any dental issues enabling us to detect any abnormality in your teeth or even your jaw bone structure. In addition we are then able to inform you of any further complications that you might experience within your jaw or in between your teeth. The sophisticated equipment which we operate within our surgery will also help detect any future oral health issues such as cancer and any further decay to avoid extraction.


  • we pride ourselves on ensuring a thorough examination and diagnostic process is completed each and every time ensuring that we are able to understand the root cause of the problem. We are then able to discuss and suggest the correct method of treatment to solve your current predicament
  • here at Nowe Orlowo Dental clinic we have invested in and operate the most sophisticated X-Ray machines available to create X-rays ranging from the small typical necessity to the most sophisticated Panoramic view
  • this most sophisticated technology will ensure that a full corective diagnosis is given to all our patients and that they receive highly informed information about their different  treatment opportunities
  • in addition we have ensured that the equipment which we operate within the surgery is the most modern will offer you the maximum safety and will guarantee you the most minimal dose of radiation