implanty zębów gdynia


Implants are the permanent solution for those who are looking for the perfect reconstruction of their teeth especially where either alternative treatments have not been satisfactory or have failed. Implants are indistinguishable to natural teeth, enable far greater oral hygiene and provide the solution to replace those teeth that have been lost for a variety of reasons. Implants not only create that perfect smile you have dreamed about but will raise your quality of life but will give you so much more self confidence. Here at our clinic we are highly experienced surgeons in this process and pride ourselves on only using the best implants available on the market.

What really is an implant?

An implant is a tiny Titanium screw which resembles the root of a tooth. This is meticulously inserted into the bone of the jaw under surgical conditions using a local anaesthetic in a dentist chair within our clinic. Titanium is the perfect material for this process because it has the advantage of being both highly durable and completely tolerable to the human body.

Implantology is a procedure which is highly versatile enabling restoration to be successfully completed on just one tooth or for full reconstruction of all teeth. Implants provide the opportunity to avoid the filing down of neighbouring teeth, meaning that you will never have to wear a denture and that your teeth will be restored to their previous childhood glory.

What is involved in the procedure?

Surgery stage – with particular reference to the detailed 3D scan previously taken, this involves making an entry point into the bone and inserting the implant into exactly the right position. The complete procedure is performed under local anaesthetic and after insertion of the implant, stitches are inserted for between 7 to 10 days.

Integration stage – this is the joining and fusing of the implant with the bone which usually takes between 3 to 6 months. During this treatment process we will complete a temporary tooth restoration in order to make your life easier during this time.

Prosthetic stage –  after the healing process has been completed, we will then start the restoration process of your tooth. An impression of the particular area will be taken and based upon this a prosthetic is then crafted. The prosthetic, bridge or crown is then connected to the inserted implant.

Why is it worth considering Implants as your preferred treatment?

  • the comfort, flexibility and natural appearance just as though these were your normal teeth
  • no requirement to unnecessary filing down neighbouring teeth
  • the constant stimulation to the bone and the soft tissue in your mouth which will result in keeping your smile and facial apperance younger
  • promotes more satisfactory hygiene maintenance when compared to prosthetics and bridges