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General Dentistry

Fundamentally we pride ourselves in eliminating any build up of decay, preventing further exposure to neighbouring teeth and restoring all damaged teeth where required. The first symptoms of decay will be felt in your teeth being very sensitive which will then lead to discolouration of the enamel and then the associated pain. These symptoms must not be ignored because further complications will arise and far more intrusive plus expensive tretments will be required.

General Dentistry – our specialist work involves:

  • highly aesthetic composite fillings and reconstuction of teeth where required. We will identify the treatment required using the most modern microscope and x-ray machines required. We will discuss and present our findings back to you in order that you have full transparacy and are fully informed,
  • INLAY / ONLAY  – this is a highly effective alternative to the traditional composite fillings we complete in our practice. This is a highly superior treatment using porcelain and will restore your tooth as though it was your original.
  • ICON treatment  – this is a procedure to corect and reverse the initial decay without the need for intrusive and uncomfortable drilling of the teeth
  • alternative treatments in the reconstruction of demage teeth using fibreglass.This procedure is highly effective when the tooth is completely damaged and that a normal restoration involving a filling would not be the correct solution
  • cosmetic diastem closure
  • tailor made treatment plan for sensitive teeth
  • arious treatments involving the use of splints which will overcome any issues in the movement of teeth currently being experienced

An overview of what all our patients will receive at the Nowe Orlowo Dental Clinic:

  • a thorough examination and check up to give you a full diagnosis in order to reverse or prevent any particular signs of decay at an early stage
  • your comfort and well being is imperative to us at alltimes.Therefore all treatments will be completed under local anesthetic and monitored throughout your treatmnt
  • minimal invasive treatment
  • only the most high quality products and materials are used in our clinic in order to achieve complete perfection in achieving the appearance of a natural