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Nowe Orlowo Dental Clinic is a purpose built, state of the art Dental practice. We are a highly experienced and proven team operating the most modern dental equipment in order to create that beautiful smile we all have dreamed about. We pride ourselves on ensuring our patients have the most consultative and informed experience regarding all dentistry work which maybe required. Our passion and will to improve is what sets our practice apart.

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Innovative technologies guarantee
the highest comfort of your treatment

  • MyRay Hyperion X9

    We use the most modern x-ray equipment to generate panoramic images, which are necessary for accurate diagnosis and creation of a treatment plan. X-ray apparatus emits the minimum dose of radiation, making the treatment completely safe.

  • Carl Zeiss Microscope

    We have installed the Carl Zeiss Microscope which is reknowned to be one of the most professional and effective tools to complete highly intensive procedures. This enables us to perform complicated dental treatments with maximum precision.

  • Reciproc Gold
    single instrument endodontics

    This particular piece of equipment enables us to perform your root canal treatment extremely safely and within half the time of standard treatment.

  • Intraoral HD camera

    A high resolution intraoral camera which we use during our check ups, helps to diagnose early stages of tooth or tissue damage.

  • MyRay eXTend

    Each surgery within our practice has a newest model of X-Ray machine. We have the capacity to develop high quality results in just a few seconds.

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